Thursday, July 31, 2008

Removing the navigation bar to stop random surfing of potentially unsafe sites

If you make your own blog there will be a navigation bar at the top (the dark blue bar) which will probably say next blog on it. This can lead you or your child to anywhere and that might not be a desirable destination! We recommend you take this bar off by doing the following:
To Remove the navigation bar select and copy
the following HTML code
#navbar-iframe {
In the HTML text box scroll to the paragraph that ends
“….updated by blogger team------------------------------*/
PASTE your #nav html HERE and before
/* Variable definitions====================

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What are Blogs?

This video explains Blogs (short for Web Logs) in simple every day language and is well worth listening to because it really explains why we have taken this avenue with our main blog and the interconnecting ones.

We are seeking to make connections with you our readers and we want you to share conversations and help us explore the possibilities of blogging!

Going on-line safely

You will notice a web link to keeping safe on the net on the sidebar. This will take you to the Netsafe site. It will ask you if you wish to download Abobe Flash. This takes a few seconds and is necessary to get into the site. There is no installation cost. Netsafe has excellent information about keeping safe on-line. This is known as Cybersafety.

How to create a blog

This video is helpful to those of you who are new to blogging.

How to add pictures to your blog

This video tells you how to add your own pictures to your blog site. If your images are not compressed it may take a few minutes to upload.